Sunday, September 28, 2008

We went on down to Shelby

Corrina, Cadence, Jake and I went to visit my family this weekend. On Saturday, Mike had a soccer game. I think the final score was 5-0. The good guys won. Mike scored the first goal of the game, and played goalie (#7) for the second half. As usual, Aunt Tia was great at keeping Cadence happy and off the field. I think Grandma liked showing her off.

On Sunday, we spent some time with Shelby's finest at the Cleveland County Fair. Cadence had a great time. The first thing she got to see was the Farm Equipment aka "Ta-tuh" (tractor). FYI, her favorite toy has remained a Catapillar Backhoe Loader Corrina picked it for her up months ago. Honestly, she's quite fascinated with heavy machinery in general. Paw Paw kids that she'll be a truck driver. I think when she grows up she'll be building and grooming jumps for Ryder.

Cool pic by Coco (above). We saw enough livestock for me, but then again, no livestock is enough for me. I guess this is something that would go under, "things you do for your kids." The kid did love it. She squeezed a chick just a bit too much, and fortunately, she relinquished it. She was amazed that cows really do "moo" in real life. Full-size horses seemed alright. She had more fun barking at the miniature ones.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Photo Mania!

Thanks for the prodding, folks! An update is long overdue. So much so, that I'ma let the pictures do the talking. It's been a good month (in no particular order):