Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Our travels in the Fall of '09 -pt 1

We traveled to Hilton Head, SC for a family trip in Oct, and to Destin, FL for our friend Duane and Becky's wedding in Nov, and now we are STAYING HOME everyday in Dec!!! I guess with Duke (and Carolina) Basketball season filling our time here on Tobacco Road and the holly, joy season among us we have plenty to do right here. Here are some pictures from our travels and be sure to check back to see our many festive activities coming up.

pouty face cause she hears thunder and it is going to rain during park playtime:(

this is me holding on tight to my offspring and showing no fear


and after!!!

rain day playing with Dad and Grampy at the kids museum.

Duane and Becky's Wedding - Fall '09 - pt2

We spent a great long weekend in Destin, FL with a great group of close friends for Duane's wedding. He found himself a awesome creative beauty - Becky! Welcome to the family girl.

*The Rehearsal Dinner*

(LtoR...Haillie, Joel, Coco, Tommy, Kamie, Matt, Ryan, Becky and Duane)

*The Wedding*

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Fair Lady

We missed the little one terribly, but it sure was nice to spend some adult time together. The super circle of friends made for a fun time, too. Congrats newlyweds!

Friday, October 23, 2009

climbing in the lowcountry

Today we ...climbed a tree house

...climbed a lighthouse

...and watched a goat climb a house :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

heaven on earth

just arrived at the beach, and she is already lovin it.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Duane's Old My New Lens

I'm loving this lens! 2.8 is great... now I'm fiending for 1.8. Why can't I just be happy? :-0 Thanks friend... it's awesome!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

the new dining room and a cute little girl

Cadence is loving the new curtains in the newly painted dining room. She calls it her house and invites everyone in to play and watch tv, she will even get you a snack. I decided to take a little photo session of her playing. We used to do this more often when she was a baby and they are so fun to do and look at later.

*still deciding on the chairs*

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lucky Fan

After being a bit timid around the Durham Bulls mascot, Wool E. Bull, Cadence took the initiative to go meet him, give him a five, and get his autograph. She was pretty proud of herself and that card. She even got a foul ball on the way out of the ballpark. Bulls win the first game of the championship series over the Yankees. Not bad for a Tuesday.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day 09er

We had a wonderful extended weekend in the mountains of NC. Here are some of the highlights in pictures:

more to come soon...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Yay or Nay

We're currently undergoing a minor kitchen/dining room renovation: furniture, paint, & window treatments. At the moment, we have decent-looking, but inexpensive mission style chairs. The problem is that they fold (yes, they actually look okay) a little too easily, and we're worried our 2-year old will end-up tucked in the chair on the floor. So we ordered 4 vintage, yellow Eames fiberglass chairs. Unfortunately, we got to take a closer look at them, and we were not happy with their condition. So, we pulled out.

The Eames chairs, while ubiquitous, are beautiful and clean (see top picture). We're still leaning that way as long as we can find some that are fairly-priced, gently-used, and in a color that works. However, our runner-up chairs differ significantly. We could use a little help.

I've always been a fan of the crafted-minimalism of the Shaker style. I dig Design within Reach's glossy version of a Shaker chair (see 2 above pics). It's also only $98 a pop. Corrina isn't sold on them, though. I think that these chairs would really stand out in a lightly-yellow painted room with bright white (sheer) treatments.

Corrina's choice is another fairly priced ($119) offering from CB2. While Corrina is leaning toward the grey version, I've posted a picture of it in green, so that the lines of the chair would stand out. I'm actually a fan of the chair, but I feel it might be too bold (polished legs) and contemporary for our house.

We'd love to get your opinions. Set your friendship and family bias aside and let us know what you think... especially those that have been in our casa. Thank

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

no such person living at this address pt.2

I received another mistaken email. I'm beginning to love them.

subject: dancing tonight?

Tom and I are dancing at a "dance party" our teacher has periodically at her studio. She encourages bringing friends. It is in the KMart plaza, at the back corner towards the woods we would walk through to get to Southgate. Would you like to join us? It is very informal and fun. Most of the dancers will have less experience than the two of you. It is free. 7-8:30p.

This represents my mental image of my "friends:"

Friday, August 21, 2009

Baker's Monsoon Mix... is soooooo good!

I'm thinking that maybe half of you have experienced a desert monsoon. If you haven't, they typically start popping-up around the end of the summer. This is the time of the year when you feel you just won't live through another 110 degree day. I guess maybe that's why ol' mother nature put their scheduled visits on our calendar. Anyway, these monsoons are visually striking, have a unique (and wonderful) scent, and replenish the environment both figuratively and literally. I don't miss the heat, but I miss them.

My jr. high buddy, Jason Baker, put together a wonderful mix that I envision is a perfect accompaniment to a late summer storm... even a heavy thunder storm for us folks here in the south. Go to his site for a free download. You can also stream it as you sit on the computer. Get it now while it's still up! Here: Jason Baker: Summer Monsoon Mix.

Well done, friend.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What a Beautiful Thing Love is

Corrina and I are beyond heartbroken to say that beautiful Evelyn Grace Doyle passed away this last weekend. Many of you (our friends and family) have followed the Doyle's arduous journey through the most unreasonable of situations: infantile Leukemia.

Over these last few days, the only way my heart has felt the slightest bit of comfort is when I am able to reflect on the love that came from Eve's time here. There is absolutely no doubt that Brian and Bobbie gave every bit of their heart and energy to their little girl. Everything they had in them was given to her. Eve's fighting spirit and strength came from them, and it is unmatched. As new parents they were asked to handle a situation that most, including myself, cannot comprehend, and they answered the call. Eve benefited so much from them, and she knew it... from their touch, their kisses, their voice, their tears, and their constant presence. I know she is eternally grateful. I know she returns every bit of love they gave her. We love you, too.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

no such person living at this address

This was the most random email I've received in a while. Obviously it was not meant for me, but maybe it's a sign to go into acting:


Congratulations! Your performance was a tour de force.

We so much enjoyed "Little Moscow", at many levels. The script was engaging, your acting made me forget I was watching an actor, but rather just brought me into the story, and then it was such a pleasure to see you excel.

Mazel tov!

Chris and Tom

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bapi 2nd Dirday!!!

just a couple pictures from her actually birthday party, with her playgroup friends...

Our little girl is turning 2 in a couple days.
The invitations were created and sent out and the party yesterday was so much fun. Cadence loves music, but very much dislikes the birthday song, so we all sang the lollipop song and she loved it. Of course there were lollipops in the cake as decoration so she loved that too. She will have another party in a couple days for her actual birthday but this one was a great start.