Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Celebrate a Fifth

Well, this past weekend (May 26th) was Corrina and I's 5th Wedding Anniversary. I must say it has been a great 5 years indeed. If you count up the time we've been dating + married, it will be 12 years in November. Wow. Most of Saturday was spent painting the baby/guest room. Corrina, being pregnant, avoided the fumes. She was a big help in taping and laying dropcloths. She also delivered snacks and refreshments. The room needs an additional coat or two, and should be finished this weekend. I'll post pics when that's done.

Before heading out to dinner, we exchanged gifts. In the past we haven't followed the "1st Anniversary is Paper" tradition. In the 5th year, you are to give a gift of wood (insert Nick joke here). Although we didn't talk about it beforehand we both incorporated that into our gifts. I gave Corrina a modernish, mosaic pendant that incorporated mahogany, mother-of-pearl, and stone (granite?). It looked pretty good on her! Coco gave me a sweet, Quiksilver button-down for work/nights. She also gave me this:

She went to a local shop and picked out the one she liked best. Not bad at all. I wanted a black board that corresponded with the PDUB deck that Duane designed. Perfect. As an aside, Powell and I had bought a Roskopp for Duane as part of his bachelor present. Knowing that this was Duane's favorite deck, his brother also gave him a version shortly thereafter. Regardless, it's a classic. Thanks Coco!

After the exchange, we had dinner at Magnolia Grill in Durham. The last time we were there was for a Valentine's dinner in 1999. It's consistently rated as a top restaurant in the state, but it's really not too pricey. We got shrimp appy's, steak and halibut, and a cake/ice cream desert. Delicious all around. It was a great day. With baby Page coming along, we'll have to see what we do for our 6th!

Friday, May 25, 2007

2 antennas started dating, and started planning their wedding. After the big day, one says to the other, "Well the ceremony was nice, but the reception was amazing!"

happy friday

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Peeping Tom

Peephole pictures. Messing around late at night... not letting people in. Turned out to be quite the afterparty (in the hall). You can tell Paul was enjoying it.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

She's Gone

This was posted up on soulstrut, and I thought it was pretty interesting. These two seemed pretty excited for their first video shoot (sarcasm). Eric, this is for you!

Honorable mention. Gets a bit freeform at the end. Same dude was also responsible for covering this Bill Withers tune:
DivShare File - ain_t_no_sunshine.mp3

Thursday, May 17, 2007

9th Wonder of NC

Durham, NC producer and tip-top MC. Here ya go:

DivShare File -

God's Stepson is an album by hip hop producer 9th Wonder (one third of the group Little Brother). It was an unofficial remix of Nas's God's Son album of 2002.

Released through internet outlets in 2003, it was the first in the trend of homemade remix projects, which reached fever pitch with Jay-Z's The Black Album remixes (of which 9th also submitted an entry). It was well received by critics and fans alike for its re-interpretation of what many considered to be a return-to-form album from Nas. In particular, the album is responsible for the popularity of remixing whole albums back-to-front, and also for establishing 9th Wonder amongst the premier league of hip hop producers.

Hi Everyone! I figured out how to by-pass my company's block on blogs, so I am posting from work just for fun. I still can't see my posts, but I can add them for now. Hope everyone is having a great week! Peace Out!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Wedding Photography as Art

It's official. The Costa wedding was amazing. The highest congratulations go out to Paul & Allison. Beauty was all around... the people, the mission, the towns. It was everywhere. One dude was able to capture it all. And, it wasn't me with my little point & shoot. Jeff Newsom was the artist who shot the Costa ceremony and reception. An all around nice guy with impeccable vision and style. You can't really speak on what his photo's communicate. Check out his blog for some of the pics from the weekend, and you'll know what I'm talking about. I'll put some more up (including my cowering snapshots) as they are released!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Gettin' Hitched

Here's the soon-to-be married couple in downtown Paso Robles last night. Today we'll be touring the local wineries before the reherseal and subsequent dinner. I've never spent a lot of time in the central coast area of California. I dig it.

Anyway, the ceremony is tomorrow. Should be beautiful. It's nearly crunch-time for the Costa's!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

We're in Hermosa!

Met this little dude the other day. Pretty funny. Anyway, Coco and I are relaxing here until will head up to the central coast for Paul and Allison's wedding. Lot's of sun and a little surf. We had a great Cinco de Mayo weekend. Got to hang with Jeff + Ed, and had a lot of laughs.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Rock-A-Bye Baby

Years ago, I told Coco that if we had a baby, I would buy her an Eames Fiberglass Rocker. Well we've reached that point. I sold my last Eames Aluminum Group Chair to basically trade this fellar off of eBay. I couldn't drop the $1500-2000 on an original 50's complete rocker. So I bought a clean, mid-50's O.G. Herman Miller armshell chair, and a new, reproduction rocker base. The elephant gray goes nicely with the black wire and birch runners. Coco's happy with it.

Back when I promised that I'd get her one of these, I didn't realize that the Herman Miller Company hadn't produce the rocker for a few decades. They had stopped producing them in the late 50's. During this time, they were only given to Herman Miller employees as maternity presents. That explains the rarity of an original, complete rocker. They've just reissued the RAR rocker, but now they use a more environmentally-friendly, plastic-based shell. I understand the switch, but the fiberglass swirls in the vintage chairs just look so nice.

I could get into an entire essay on the husband and wife design team of Charles and Ray Eames (Duane got into it a bit on his blog). Their synergy, versatilty, and style is almost unmatched in my eyes.

Here is a little update on how the living room is coming around. The rocker will eventually go in the kiddo's room. We need a little paint, and a big canvas or hanging on that back wall. Crown molding would be nice too. We'll be getting much needed windows within two months. In fact, we just put in the order yesterday. As part of the installation, we're going to convert/expand the window in the record room. It's gonna be sweet when that's done.

Thanks for listening. I've put Coco to sleep!

Hey Cal! Did you used to live here?

I've been checking estate sales the last couple of weeks. Looking for anything neat for the house or to resale. The last one was in Colony Woods in Chapel Hill. I think my old roomate Cal was brought home from the hospital (birth) to one of these two houses. Sorry, the pics ain't so hot. I figured folks might not be too thrilled with some dude stopping and taking photos of their residence. Anyway, did I nail it?

There isn't too much to do when you're waiting for the doors to open. It's pretty much pre-estate sale routine to eat a banana, drink coffee, listen to NPR, and take pictures of myself.

This particular time I didn't really find anything that I was interested in. Last week I missed out on a vintage Knoll Bertoia Wire Chair for 12 bucks. Someone had swiped the tag b4 I could get to it. Should've headed to the basement first. Anyway, after two weekends of getting up early on Saturday, milling around two estate sales and a huge rummage sale, all I ended up buying was this Cobra H.I.S.S. for 50 cents:

Duane understands.