Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Duane, you'll dig this. It's funny how things, both simple or complex, are related and occur. This example is on the "simple" end of the spectrum, but is still noteworthy to me. I was listening to streaming radio over the internet as I typed up diagnostic reports for work. As I occassionally do, I wrote down the artist and song title for a tune that I enjoyed, but had never heard before. The latest addition to the list was Coconut Records "West Coast." The artist entry before them was apparently the more well-known The Soundtrack of Our Lives from Sweden. Anyway, back to Coconut Records. I enjoyed the song enough to look up their website, which on the main page had their video for said tune ("West Coast"). The video features the eccentric and talented Mark Gonzalez. He appears as both the artist and the art. It's funny how talented people end up working together. The Gonz is fluid.

There is a higher quaility version on the label's website: Young Baby Records

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Monday, April 28, 2008

The Weekend in Pics

Corrina, Cadence, & I got up early on Saturday, and got entrance numbers 11 & 12 for an estate sale. The teaser for the show said "50-70's Furniture" and there were some decent pieces, but all the wood had this tacky, bronze stain. Bummer. It wasn't a total bust. We each walked out of there with something. Coco grabbed a salad bowl/spinner. I bought two drop cloths (quite exciting). Cadence scored with a mini rocking chair.
She liked it.

After the estate sale, we picked-up Raleigh, and went for a hike. We stopped in to visit my Great Uncle Rip and Great Aunt Pearl. They live just a couple streets back from the house that my Mom grew up in. They're always thrilled to see us, and they love that little baby. Pearl was nice enough to boost our hiked-out bloodsugar with some sandwiches.
Grandma Beth, Aunt Tia, and Uncle Mike came in Saturday afternoon.
On Sunday, we all went swimming in Hillsborough. Cadence imitated my Mom by sticking her face in the water. She did that ONCE. We all had a blast.
Cadence doesn't fall asleep while eating all that often, but the weekend wiped the poor girl out. It was a good one.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Cadence's 1st Bagel

This might not seem like a big event, but when your mom is from the northeast, it is! As you can tell, she loved it.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Stanley meets some family members

Last Sunday was a gorgeous day to say the least. I drove Stanley out to Apex for my first meet-up of the Olde North State LandCruisers. It's basically a group of friendly, mechanically-inclined "LandCruiser Enthusiasts." I was worried that joining a club of NC 4x4 owners might be a bit too rednecky for me, but fortunately that was not the case. I learned a bunch about these Toyotas in the span of one afternoon. They even provided Sierra Nevadas and a killer spread. It took me no time to send in my membership application. Guess I'm in a car club now.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Cadence Gettin' Dusty

Well, Cadence hit her first record show in Carrboro this weekend. Although she felt her finds were somewhat lackluster, she was stoked that she strolled (literally) out of there only spending 3 dollars. She's got the Disney game on lock.

Having not been able to view the record under adequate light at the show, she felt that the condition should have been downgraded to a VG-.

Looks like she's ready to grab her headphones & hit the one's and two's.