Saturday, June 30, 2007

Some Window Treatment

The Page house has been a bit busy over the last couple of months. For some reason, even with a baby on the way, full-time jobs, night classes, doctor visits, visiting relatives, and what-not, we decided to bite off a bit more... home renovations. The house needed a little help when we moved-in, and fortunately, we expected that. So far that has included a full bathroom remodel (combined 2 and built a new one), overhaul of the electrical system, getting a new baby/guest room ready, and a bazillion tweaks and repairs (planing doors, garage door openers, ceiling fans, A/C, etc.). I think the bathroom remodel was the most drastic change for quality of life and aesthetics (Pics are planned for an upcoming post). Not far behind that has been the new windows. We just got these puppies in, and we're stoked on 'em. The old aluminum units were a safety hazard. We couldn't reliably open any, but 2. And if you did, good luck getting them to close again. Forget efficiency... our house had more drafts than John Grisham's office (sorry). They were dirty and cracked, and it was clearly time for them to go. So here is the before and after:

This was probably the most noticeable change with the windows. We expanded the third bedroom/record room window to a 6ft X 6ft joint. It looks back over the woods, and even in winter you can't see our neighbors because it's so thick. To incorporate a new bathroom, we had to make the room smaller, so this really helped to give the illusion of a larger space. Pics of the room from November of 2006 and now are below.

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