Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Wow, It's almost Thanksgiving and we haven't blogged since October!! Hope everyone has a safe and yummy Thanksgiving.
Here is a photo diary of the last couple of weeks. Enjoy.

Tom played hookie and we went for a hike.

Our Little Pumpkin!

Cadence sleeping

Daddy and Squishy!

The Davis' came out for a visit...

and we went out drinking and dancing...


  1. Thomas the Tank Engine. Awesome...

  2. Cadence is rad. I like all the trees and the leaves falling off. Must be nice to have seasons. Maybe someday we will come visit. We will see though.I dont like really being transported by those man made flying machines.

  3. Our door is open any season Nicholas. You don't have to fly. I could easily see the Bliss' doing a camping roadtrip across the USA.