Sunday, December 30, 2007

My PDUB Deck

I decided to finally outfit the rad PDUB deck that Duane made awhile back. I picked up two of them at the time, but they felt too special to be used. Ironically, I had been using Powell's old setup for day-to-day cruising. After he passed away, Lisa gave me his skate. I had bought him the Zoo York deck years ago for his birthday. He had cracked his previous deck (don't remember what it was) because he had the trucks mounted directly to the wood... no risers. Anyway, I now have his old board mounted on our wall with some other decks in our music room. This being that one:

I moved over the trucks from the Zoo York board to the 2nd PDUB deck. I decided to pick-up some new wheels. I wanted some +58mm's for gliding around, and thought that these Powell Bombers would be fitting:

I was hoping that by cleaning up the old bearings I'd be able to salvage them, but they'll have to go. We'll see if there's too much rubbage. If so, I'll get some thicker risers. Some new hardware would be good anyway. I threw on some grip and this is how it turned out:

Thanks Duane. Thanks Powell!


  1. Oops... I accidentally posted that under Coco's sign-in.

  2. I have some used Powell Bullet 95 wheels (they are only about 17 years old) in hot red, if you want them.

  3. Send'em my way! Hot red would be nice against the black. I remember being stoked when my uncle got me some royal blue rat bones for christmas. That'd be about 20 years ago now!

  4. NICE! Looks good dude.. I can't wait to shred it...