Saturday, June 21, 2008

Daddy's 1st Father's Day

This post goes out to our Chandler Airport/ Hangar Cafe Posse. You know who you are, but here is a picture of a few of you.

We miss our posse and the Hangar Cafe weekly, say around 8am on Sunday mornings. On Father's Day, we decided to give our new airport cafe a try. Definitely not the same, but the building is cool and we all enjoyed watching the planes come and go. Here is Cadence and her daddy enjoying his 1st Father's Day.


  1. I miss her. [And you guys too.] Hope you had a radical Fathers day!

  2. uhm you know times are rough when u are hanging at the airport. Just kidding, you almost have me talked in to getting on a man made flying machine and coming to visit and to escape the heat.