Thursday, March 19, 2009

She got mad hops!

Cadence and friends Andy and Matthew were getting ready for March Madness this past weekend in the bounce house.



Jump Up, Jump Up and Get Down!


  1. Nice Pics! Hope you guys had a good trip out to AZ.

    How's your brackets doing? I've got the same final four as Obama, but I have Pitt winning the whole thing...

  2. Our AZ trip was great! It was great seeing you. Cadence was a fan!

    Sorry for not calling you the night before we left. My cell phone went to LHC with Norm by accident. We didn't get back to Chandler until pretty late Sunday night anyway.

    I have Pitt all the way too, but UConn looks the strongest thus far. Duke sucked it up horribly last night, and I'm hoping UNC plays better this evening. We'll see...