Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Beautiful Baby & Determined Fighter

Brian and Bobbie Doyle, while new to the role, are the strongest parents I know. Truly inspiring. Their gorgeous little girl, Evelyn, was born on March 19th, 2009 and was only shortly later diagnosed with Leukemia. As you'll learn from their blog, this is one tough princess! It is so clear where her strength comes from.

I know that lots of other young families check in to our blog from time to time. While it is heart wrenching to see such a petite and precious infant in the midst of such a fight, I so strongly feel that their family could use all the love and support that can be given. It's impossible for me to read their updates without frequent, emotional pauses. So please, even if in reflection, prayer, energy, or whatever, send them all the love you can muster. Let's help Evelyn and her family lick this illness once and for all! We love you Evelyn, Bobbie, & Brian. ...and Evelyn, we send warm hugs and soothing kisses. Stay strong little one.


  1. What an amazing family. Thanks for posting this, I'm sure it was emotional to write that out-their blog is pretty amazing too... We will keep them in our thoughts and prayers!

  2. Tom and Corrina,
    Thank you so much for the very kind message on your blog. I know we have only had the opportunity to hang out on a few occasions but there are some people you just "click" with instantly. You guys are special folks. I have always loved the entire "texas crowd" at least that is how I refer to the group although not all are from Texas.
    I have followed your blog since Mike and Cara introduced me to blogging. It has been fun to watch Cadence grow up, it happens so fast! She is truly precious.
    Brian and I struggle with this everyday but it helps to know that we have the support of so many caring friends.
    Best wishes always,
    Bobbie, Brian, Evelyn & Yogi