Monday, May 11, 2009

Mom's Day

Corrina deserves her recognition. There is no doubt that she is a wonderful and loving mother, but to Cadence, everyday is Mother's Day. I mean, "Mama" is used in 98% of her vocalizations. However, I don't think Cadence is necessarily honoring mom as much she wants to be by her side every moment of the day. As part of Corrina's maternal nature, she is able to willingly deal with the constant (and sometimes shouted) needs of our little one. That alone deserves some respect. Thanks Mom! We love you!

Now, the forecast for Sunday was not looking good: thunderstorms and muggy. Last year we battled a crazy rain storm and packed breakfast spots on Mother's Day. I wasn't looking to recreate that. This year our plans were loose,but low key... the early highlight being berry waffles at Grayson's cafe for brunch. It's down the street, the food is good, and you don't have to wait for a table. This turned out to be a bummer:

We then headed to Piedmont for their terrific brunch offerings. We love Piedmont and eat there every so often. Unfortunately for them and us, power outages from storms the night before, shut them down. As Duke and UNC's graduation ceremonies were this weekend and it being Mother's Day, this was a huge loss for them I'm sure. Bummer #2.

We ended up going over to Rue Cler which is also in downtown Durham. I've had coffee and pastries from them and Coco has had dinner there, but we've never sampled brunch. They were well booked, but we were willing to sit outside and got a table right away. At that point it was overcast, but the temp was pleasant. The food was delicious... Cadence was able to chit-chat with other kiddos and watch cars passing by. Things worked out.

We headed over to Corrina's parents to wish Sue a Happy Mema's ("mee-maw") Day! At this point the weather turned and stayed beautiful. Quite the grin there, kiddo:

Being a dad, I think that when I pull-out clothes for Cadence I do a good job. Apparently, I made a mistake and put a PJ top on. How am I supposed to know that it's sleepwear?! I think Corrina let it go because I put a skirt with it, but when we were eating brunch, she said, "Look, those kids are in their pajamas, too." I'm not sure if that was a jab or if she was trying to make me feel better. : )

We then headed home, and spent most of the day outside. We were hoping that Cadence's gift to mom would be a nap, but she wasn't in the giving mood. We ended up running through the sprinkler, doing a bit of mowing and gardening, & renovating our mailbox.

It was nice to be outside on a day that was forecasted as being miserable. Mother to mother, I guess nature knew Corrina deserved it. We finished Sunday off with steak kabobs, mimosas, and a slow walk. What a wonderful day to spend with Corrina. Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Grayson's is closed?!? Nooooo.

    Oh, and Linus offered up only a 20 minute nap for Mother's Day. I guess they just didn't want to miss anything.


  2. I love that Tom put on a PJ top - that is TOTALLY something that Seth would do, but only us Mom's would realize. This sounds like a fun day, and a memorable one - those are the best ones anyway! Happy Mother's Day!!