Thursday, June 11, 2009

sun up mix

Here's a summery mix for you to tote along on road trips or for simply milling around the house with the windows and doors open. The idea was conceived by Miss Parks outta Tulsa, OK, and is basically meant to be a compilation of music that I might play for a group of hungover morning risers. In order to be eligible for the compilation the music had to satisfy at least one of three categories: 1)it makes me smile, 2)it makes me sing, or 3)it makes me dance. Hopefully, you'll have a similar response. Tracks span a time range from the 1970's to barely released and the scope of style is a also diverse, but musically (in form) related. Anyway, enjoy!

Download the "sun up" mix The file is large, but that's because I try to keep the sound quality high!

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