Thursday, July 9, 2009

Work is Tough

out like a light, but still clutching a matchbox car

Monday's are the day that I miss my little girl the most. After being spoiled with a full weekend, that first day back is always the loneliest. This past Monday, Corrina and Cadence had a surprise drop-in, and it was fantastic! Now that I'm on campus and parking is such a hassle, I don't get to see them at work nearly as often as I did in my previous job. I talked Corrina into letting Cadence stay the rest of the afternoon (90 minutes or so) with me. Cadence didn't need convincing... clinic toys and a bus ride home, "I'm definitely staying with Dad." Coco had to run-off to avoid getting a parking ticket. She actually returned to find a warning. I've NEVER heard of anyone getting a warning at UNC.

For the next hour or so, I finished up some revisions while Cadence sat and played with a bunch of freshly opened toys. We then locked-up and went out to catch our bus. As we waited outside, every time one came up, Cadence would yell, "My bus!" The other folks were highly amused by this, as was I. She wasn't actually claiming that she owned the bus as she normally does with any object in the house, but was so excited to get on. Finally, it did arrive. We got a seat in the back where the window starts at the bottom of the seat and reaches to the ceiling. I plopped her down there, and she pretty much kept an OMG face the entire ride. Every once in a while, she'd yell "BUMPY!," which is great because there are never any kids on these busses, and it catches riders by surprise. We rode our 10 minutes or so, and needless to say, Cadence didn't want to get off. As my stop is the final stop, everyone gets off, but she wasn't convinced. Ultimately, I said we'd talk to the driver, so we walked up to the front and exchanged pleasantries. Cadence delivered a very sweet, "thank you," and we were on our way to my truck. The picture (above) shows what happened next... and she never falls asleep in the car. All in a days work, I suppose. Cadence, you can come and toil with me anyday.

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  1. Great fun that your office is such a cool place for Little C to go! Jadon loves visiting Dad at the office too...there aren't toys there but he always finds fun stuff!!!

    I love, love, love that she is fast asleep with a car tight in her grasp! She is getting so big and I can't believe her b-day is coming up soon! Jadon NEVER falls asleep in the car...all the way to San Diego and never even showed any sign of being sleepy. Thank god for DVD's & Curious George!!!