Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bapi 2nd Dirday!!!

just a couple pictures from her actually birthday party, with her playgroup friends...

Our little girl is turning 2 in a couple days.
The invitations were created and sent out and the party yesterday was so much fun. Cadence loves music, but very much dislikes the birthday song, so we all sang the lollipop song and she loved it. Of course there were lollipops in the cake as decoration so she loved that too. She will have another party in a couple days for her actual birthday but this one was a great start.


  1. Happy Birthday Cadence!! Thought i had the day right, but I think I missed it by a day...oops. I like the invite...1+1=2!
    -Paul C.

  2. Happy Birthday Cadence! She is so precious. :-)

  3. Thanks guys!

    Paul, you did have the day right. The 12th is her actual birthday.

    Bobbie, she is precious... most of the time. ;-)