Thursday, September 3, 2009

Yay or Nay

We're currently undergoing a minor kitchen/dining room renovation: furniture, paint, & window treatments. At the moment, we have decent-looking, but inexpensive mission style chairs. The problem is that they fold (yes, they actually look okay) a little too easily, and we're worried our 2-year old will end-up tucked in the chair on the floor. So we ordered 4 vintage, yellow Eames fiberglass chairs. Unfortunately, we got to take a closer look at them, and we were not happy with their condition. So, we pulled out.

The Eames chairs, while ubiquitous, are beautiful and clean (see top picture). We're still leaning that way as long as we can find some that are fairly-priced, gently-used, and in a color that works. However, our runner-up chairs differ significantly. We could use a little help.

I've always been a fan of the crafted-minimalism of the Shaker style. I dig Design within Reach's glossy version of a Shaker chair (see 2 above pics). It's also only $98 a pop. Corrina isn't sold on them, though. I think that these chairs would really stand out in a lightly-yellow painted room with bright white (sheer) treatments.

Corrina's choice is another fairly priced ($119) offering from CB2. While Corrina is leaning toward the grey version, I've posted a picture of it in green, so that the lines of the chair would stand out. I'm actually a fan of the chair, but I feel it might be too bold (polished legs) and contemporary for our house.

We'd love to get your opinions. Set your friendship and family bias aside and let us know what you think... especially those that have been in our casa. Thank


  1. Nice Blog!! Spacify is one of the Dining Room Furniture Stores which has huge collections of Dining Furniture.

  2. I haven't seen your house :(...maybe someday! But I'm picturing the yellow walls, the white window treatments and I'm liking the glossy shaker chairs. The one thing you didn't post anything about is the table the chairs are paired with. So... that is my opinion as of right now, but I need to know more about the table. :)

  3. Both of the style of chairs are awesome and I agree with Amy that the shaker style chairs are very cool, but I must admit that the chairs from CB2 are more appealing to me and I think they would look great around the dinner table. That's my 2 cents...

  4. I really like the green chairs from CB2 but they seem to have a retro yet modern feel to them. For you house and what I've seen of you improvements I prefer the traditional shaker style chairs. Good luck with whatever you do and send picts of your decision.