Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cadence's Photography Skills

Here is a recent family picture, with our future photographer!

Here is a sneak peek of some of the recent photos Cadence has taken with our old point and shoot. It's just her size and she can see the image in the preview window. She closely and carefully lines up what she wants to take a picture of, and actually ends up with quite detailed shots. She is even starting to take pictures of her feet, just like dad! We are hoping to submit these to our friends gallery in Tulsa (wink wink) so she can have her first art opening.

Here are the Wonder Pets driving along. Those Wonder Pets have expensive tastes.

Here is one I titled "the green monster" aka our hamper from her level.
She'll be offering signed originals... once she's able to write her name. 


  1. Wow! What an eye ;)
    Clicks by Cadence is my vote for the name of the FIRST show!!

    Miss you all so much xoxoxo

  2. I have to agree with what 好累 said.
    Those are awesome! Keep up the good work Cadence!

  3. You might be the only friend I have with a remote chance of understanding what 好累 said!

  4. Take 2:
    I think the green monster is my favorite.
    Incredible composition. The minimalism that encompasses her work is quite remarkable. However, I feel like there is definitely a post modernism influence here, self concious, self referential and arbitrary. absolutely brilliant. I'd like to preorder a print. And if she can sign it with a candy apple red crayon, that would be awesome.