Sunday, February 7, 2010

Genuine and/or Proud to be a Father

All I wanted out of this year's Superbowl was a close game.  Honestly, I wasn't really leaning either way.  Both teams had their good guys and worthy stories.  However, I'm thrilled that the Saints walked away with it.  Seeing Drew Brees both literally and genuinely sharing the victory with his son was heartwarming.   I know it's because I'm a father, but to see a man who truly realizes how special a child is, especially in that moment, moved me. I know I'd want Cadence and Corrina right there with me. That was unexpected and completely refreshing.


  1. someone was crying.

    and that someone was you.

  2. Cheers to That Tommy. I saw that too, and felt the same way. It was genuine, and refreshing to see. thanks for sharing buddy. Duane, you know I had a tear too.

  3. DF: I just had something in my eye!

    Joely: A little cross-country tears of joy shedding is a good thing... even for us men.