Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Celebrate a Fifth

Well, this past weekend (May 26th) was Corrina and I's 5th Wedding Anniversary. I must say it has been a great 5 years indeed. If you count up the time we've been dating + married, it will be 12 years in November. Wow. Most of Saturday was spent painting the baby/guest room. Corrina, being pregnant, avoided the fumes. She was a big help in taping and laying dropcloths. She also delivered snacks and refreshments. The room needs an additional coat or two, and should be finished this weekend. I'll post pics when that's done.

Before heading out to dinner, we exchanged gifts. In the past we haven't followed the "1st Anniversary is Paper" tradition. In the 5th year, you are to give a gift of wood (insert Nick joke here). Although we didn't talk about it beforehand we both incorporated that into our gifts. I gave Corrina a modernish, mosaic pendant that incorporated mahogany, mother-of-pearl, and stone (granite?). It looked pretty good on her! Coco gave me a sweet, Quiksilver button-down for work/nights. She also gave me this:

She went to a local shop and picked out the one she liked best. Not bad at all. I wanted a black board that corresponded with the PDUB deck that Duane designed. Perfect. As an aside, Powell and I had bought a Roskopp for Duane as part of his bachelor present. Knowing that this was Duane's favorite deck, his brother also gave him a version shortly thereafter. Regardless, it's a classic. Thanks Coco!

After the exchange, we had dinner at Magnolia Grill in Durham. The last time we were there was for a Valentine's dinner in 1999. It's consistently rated as a top restaurant in the state, but it's really not too pricey. We got shrimp appy's, steak and halibut, and a cake/ice cream desert. Delicious all around. It was a great day. With baby Page coming along, we'll have to see what we do for our 6th!


  1. Nice work COCO!! I love this post. its rad. You kids are rad. Halibut sounds yummers. Lucky. I HEART ROSKOP! I might buy a board this weekend....

  2. Congrats on the Anniversary.