Tuesday, July 24, 2007


July has been a bit slow as far as the blogging goes, so I wanted to get a little update on here. Corrina is doing about as well as you could expect for the late stage of pregnancy. She's a trooper for sure. I just took a few pics, so I'll upload them in the next couple of days. We're full term, so it's go time. When Baby Page decides to visit, it's on!

I turned 30 on the 21st. Nice, low-key celebrations. Corrina and I went out for dinner on Friday, and just hung-out together. We were joking about how we'd probably have to line-up a sitter to do this a month from now. My family (grandma, mom, and the twins) came in on Saturday and stayed through Sunday. We went bowling then headed for a nice Italian dinner with both sets of parents and siblings. I got a weedwacker, dremmel, a sigg waterbottle, a transformer (from the twins), and a subscription to Dwell. Not bad.

I'm kind of working backwards, but anyways. The week before my birthday was a bit of a whirlwind. Unfortunately and unexpectedly, Corrina's grandmother "Nana" passed away. It was peaceful, but came as a shock. As were all the grandkids, Corrina was quite close to her. As a kid Corrina spent her summers with Nana at the beach here in NC. Since then, we'd frequently make trips down to Wilmington to visit Nana and her daughter Nancy. She had such a positive spirit. Honestly, Nana never had a bad thing to say. She was the type of grandma that sent you a little note in the mail because she was thinking about how nice the curtains looked in your living room. She never missed a birthday. You could always count on a card in the mail. On the way down to the services, I was thinking that Nana would have sent me a card for my upcoming birthday. It made me sad to think that I would no longer receive cards or letters containing a personal and sincere note. Surely enough, when I walked in the door, one of her daughters handed me a sealed and stamped envelope containing a birthday card and a check for $25. Thanks Nana.

We'll miss you lots.

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