Thursday, July 26, 2007

More about Nana (the best ever)

Thomas and I were lucky enough to have hosted a dual birthday party for our 2 awesome grandmas in June when a lot of of family was in town for a baby shower. Nana turned 78 on June 27 and Grandma Pat got another year wiser on June 26th.

The next day my mom hosted a baby shower for our little soccer player! Nana, wearing pink for a girl, made us a Raggedy Ann doll that will be treasured forever, as well as a check and a sweet card...always saying "get something nice". Here are some pics with all her daughters and granddaughters...

Nana will always be missed, but always with a smile! She never stressed about anything, always appreciated the little things, always had quarters for parking at the beach, and never used an alarm clock. Recently I think about her often as a near the end of my pregnancy. Having been pregnant 8 times, she wisely advised me that I should take off my rings early, so they wouldn't have to be cut off! Thanks for that lesson and many others!

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