Saturday, August 25, 2007

New Parents Trade Minivan for Breakfast

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DURHAM, NC (AP) - A shocking transaction has a young family's neighbors in disbelief this Saturday morning. Sources tell us that Durham County residents Thomas and Corrina Page may have been the victims of a breakfast wielding swindler. Sleep deprived and hungry, the proud parents of 2-week old, Cadence, apparently traded their newly acquired 2004 Toyota Sienna for two country ham biscuits. "I think we were working off of 3 hours of sleep tops, when we were offered the biscuits" stated Mr. Page. "It sounded really good at the time," Corrina added. Perhaps the most unbelievable detail of this story is the fact that it was Cadence's own grandparents who took advantage of these desperate newbies. "I sure as hell hope they enjoyed that meal," remarked neighbor Jerry Lee Hornbuckle. That just don't seem right."

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