Sunday, October 7, 2007

(End of) Summer Rental

We traveled down to Oak Island for an impromptu weekend at the beach. My family rented a house across the street from the ocean. Being the "first weekend of fall," it was quite uncrowded, and since it still felt like summer, it was quite nice. A little surfing, a lot of swimming, and a healthy dose of relaxing with 4 generations of family made it a great weekend.

On Saturday morning, I pulled a "Hornburg" and beat the sun to the beach. As you'll see below, Raleigh made the trip also. Gorgeous.

Ral's and the morning moon.

After he finished barking at this piece of driftwood, Raleigh felt that posing would be alright.

Not the best shot, but it's her first trip to the beach nonetheless.

Now "Great" Grandma Pat and Uncle Mike


Cadence found her thumb.

"American Party Girl" sculpture by Ryan Page

Cadence's Bottle and Mommy's Bottle. They both only had one, but Dad maintained as the DD. Let's play it safe out there, folks.

L.O.W. Tee still in effect. I wore this year's shirt to dinner. Thanks to the Koch's for clothing me.

Shaka bro and brah.


  1. Super pics! I love to see what the pgs. are up to :)

  2. oh dang it looks sweet back in that part of the woods.

  3. great pics! thanks for sharing!
    :) Amy