Monday, April 28, 2008

The Weekend in Pics

Corrina, Cadence, & I got up early on Saturday, and got entrance numbers 11 & 12 for an estate sale. The teaser for the show said "50-70's Furniture" and there were some decent pieces, but all the wood had this tacky, bronze stain. Bummer. It wasn't a total bust. We each walked out of there with something. Coco grabbed a salad bowl/spinner. I bought two drop cloths (quite exciting). Cadence scored with a mini rocking chair.
She liked it.

After the estate sale, we picked-up Raleigh, and went for a hike. We stopped in to visit my Great Uncle Rip and Great Aunt Pearl. They live just a couple streets back from the house that my Mom grew up in. They're always thrilled to see us, and they love that little baby. Pearl was nice enough to boost our hiked-out bloodsugar with some sandwiches.
Grandma Beth, Aunt Tia, and Uncle Mike came in Saturday afternoon.
On Sunday, we all went swimming in Hillsborough. Cadence imitated my Mom by sticking her face in the water. She did that ONCE. We all had a blast.
Cadence doesn't fall asleep while eating all that often, but the weekend wiped the poor girl out. It was a good one.

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