Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Duane, you'll dig this. It's funny how things, both simple or complex, are related and occur. This example is on the "simple" end of the spectrum, but is still noteworthy to me. I was listening to streaming radio over the internet as I typed up diagnostic reports for work. As I occassionally do, I wrote down the artist and song title for a tune that I enjoyed, but had never heard before. The latest addition to the list was Coconut Records "West Coast." The artist entry before them was apparently the more well-known The Soundtrack of Our Lives from Sweden. Anyway, back to Coconut Records. I enjoyed the song enough to look up their website, which on the main page had their video for said tune ("West Coast"). The video features the eccentric and talented Mark Gonzalez. He appears as both the artist and the art. It's funny how talented people end up working together. The Gonz is fluid.

There is a higher quaility version on the label's website: Young Baby Records

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  1. This is awesome... The Gonzo is sick. I can't wait to see you guys!! Less than a week. That makes me very happy.

  2. Coconut Receords is Jason Schwartzman's (Have you guys seen Darjeeling Limited yet?)new band. So the guy makes great movies and some decent music too.

  3. I saw Darjeeling and liked it. Pretty dysfunctional group of brothers!

    I knew JS had a band, but didn't realize it was them. Funny. How is the rest of the album?

  4. I saw Darjeeling and enjoyed it. I need to listen to CR a little more.

  5. Not sure on the rest of the album, have only heard the one track.