Sunday, May 18, 2008

Stanley turns 200,000

Big day. Our Land Cruiser hit 200K on the odometer this Saturday. I had to run to Chapel Hill in the morning, and had six miles left before the mark. Fortunately, I was able to remember to grab my camera, and was also lucky enough to time a couple of stop lights to grab the shots. We bought Stanley 5 years ago from a guy in Palos Verdes, CA. He was using it to take his girls on surf trips along the Southern California coast. Although, Stanley is quite capable as a daily driver, we also use him as our spare ride. He's not so great on the gas: ~12 miles to the gallon, so he stretches his legs on the weekend.

Usually when I'm at the pump, I'll get folks that will come up and ask one, two or both of these questions: 1. How many miles does it have? and 2. Do you want to sell it? A lot of times these individuals are from overseas (Middle East, Africa or Aussie) where the Land Cruiser is synonymous with durabalilty, dependability, off-road capable. When I say, "He's almost got 200 thousand miles," I've gotten the reply, "Oh, that's nothing. Just change the oil regularly and you'll get 400." Anyway, we have no intention of letting Stanley go. It's clearly Cadence and Raleigh's favorite ride.