Monday, May 5, 2008

1st dip of 08

When we considered moving to California in 2001, it was the possibility of living within walking distance to the beach that clinched our decision. And when we decided to move back to NC, it was the hardest thing to give-up. During our time in Hermosa, I don't feel that we ever took it for granted. It wasn't one of those statements like, "Well, we went to the beach a lot when we first moved there, but then..." Nope. We loved it. It really was ingrained into our lifestyle and the community's. Basically, we miss it. With Corrina being quite pregnant last summer, our beach trips were limited, and it was hard on us. Well we made it back this last weekend, and it was great. We stayed with Corrina's Aunt Patricia on Oak Island. It had what a beach weekend was supposed to have: sun, sand, warm-enough water, a cooler (wink), and this time: a munchkin who undoubtedly will love it as much as we do. The above pic shows probably the biggest difference between the NC and Cali coasts: S P A C E.


That hat and lycra wetsuit are full-on UV shields. I needed one. Seriously.

She met a boy. I think she liked him too. I'm not all that learned in the ways of baby love. But when a girl repeatedly tries to stick a sandy index finger in your eyeball, then maybe that means she likes you.

A little something she learned from her Uncle Paul Costa: the art of the beach nap.


  1. These pics are awesome... Thanks so much for sharing your first beach trip with us. I showed Jadon the pictures this morning, he was only a little jealous of the little boy! :)

  2. Now Jadon not too worry, Cadence didn't get his digits. She did like that he was named, "Cameron."

  3. Sweet pics. Water rules. Sharks are bad