Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cadence's 1st Haircut



Cadence had a hair appointment today at 12:30. Great Grandma Pat (Tom's Grandma) and MeMa (Corrina's Mom) brought Cadence to Peek-a-Do after babysitting her all morning. I got off of work and Tom met us there on his lunch break, so we all were there for this big event. Since day 1, Cadence has had all-that-hair, so now that she is coming up on her 1st birthday we had to get the hair did! She was a happy little angel the whole time and just was very curious about what was going on. Here is the photo diary.


  1. what a knockout!Love you Cadence

    Aunt Carm

  2. so cute...can not believe how grown up your little girl is! Wow...her birthday is just around the corner!

    thanks for sharing...awesome that you guys got to be there.

  3. Wow! She looks so grown up with the new style. She's ready to turn one now. Beautiful.