Monday, July 14, 2008

Wisconsin Flora & Fauna #1

As told below, Corrina, Cadence and I took a 12 day trip to Wisconsin. We joined the Hornburgs (Joel is originally from Oconomowoc, WI) on the 4th day of the trip, and stuck together from then on. We stayed the first 4 days in Milwaukee, the next 4 days at a lakeside cabin hand-built by Joel's great-grandfather (near Minocqua, WI), and the final 4 days in Oconomowoc. We shot over 300 pictures so I figured we'd weed out our favorites over the next week or so by posting 2 snapshots a day. So, here we go:
This is possibly my favorite shot. The 3 Hornburg boys sitting on the banks of the Wisconsin River during the Kwahamot Ski Show, which, by the way, was awesome.

This is my current desktop wallpaper. Sundown shot of Prairie Lake (where the Hornburg cabin sits). The lake was this glassy all day.

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  1. Great capture of the Hornburg boys & the lake... can't wait to see what else is to come