Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Coco makes me laugh

Corrina, Cadence and I were out running after-work errands this afternoon. Corrina was driving defensively; as we were dealing with several unskilled NC motorists. At one point we had a lady who was unable to pull-off a U-turn in a very busy intersection. It would be clear to most anyone that unless you're driving a golf cart or a smart car (same thing) you wouldn't be able to pull a U-ee in this particular location. As anyone who knows her would expect, Coco commented, but remained cool. Seconds later, in this same intersection, a Jeep full of college kids pulled-out in front of us, cutting us off (T-bone style). That's when Corrina dropped this clean, quotable gem: "There's a whole lot of tools in the shed today." Awesome.


  1. I miss coco....................!
    That's classic.
    Love ya lady!

  2. Reminds me of when the Jetta got hit twice in one day while driving in L.A. The shed was full of tools that day.