Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween - Part 3 - actually Oct 31st

3-in-1...It was a fun, busy day.
1st our playgroup friend, Kelly and her son Wyatt, had a Halloween Party. Cadence went as a Dragon and had her Duke Cheerleader uniform on underneath.

(sorry for the blurry picture, she always seems to be moving.)

"oh, is that something with wheels...sweet, can I push you?"

Storytime with Mrs. Abby, King Kong's mom. This book is called DOG, and it is all about dogs, another one of Cadence's favorites.

Like all Duke Cheerleaders, she had to take a break from the party to get some school work done.

After the party, and naptime, we had to get ready to visit Tom at work. It was a beautiful day to be a flower!

"Mom, can we take these to visit Dad, please!"

Later that night, We took our little Dragon trick-or-treating with our neighbors, Natalie, Margo, Charlie and their parents. It was pretty cute.


  1. cadence is awesome. The flower is the best. I think I am going to be a flower next year

  2. I can send you the costume, Nick! That would be something to see

  3. LOVE the photos.....
    I love the one of here in the flower bed. AWESOME.
    The DUKE cheerleader one is cute. (but you know how I feel about Duke... Maybe I'll send her an Wildcat cheerleader for next year!)
    The New Balances are cute.
    And you guys too.