Thursday, November 27, 2008


Cadence had a wonderful Thanksgiving. She happily lasted all day without a nap. Because of her marathon day, she was definitely ready for bed when night-night came around. She never falls asleep in our arms. We know what we're thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. We love ya.


  1. sweet dreams for sure... We're in Havasu where it RAINED most of Wed/Part of Thursday. Total is pretty sunny...boys are out golfing, lots of leftovers. Shufeldt family from Atlanta is here...Rhino parade is on Saturday night. Haven't been to the Desert Martini yet (that's a yet...) Love you all too!

  2. Crazy how much these little creatures change our lives. Could you imagine life without them?

  3. No, I couldn't. You love'em so much it's scary.