Thursday, December 4, 2008

happy birthday carmele!

It's been awhile since we've seen you, but wanted to let you know that Cadence has been thinking about you this week. She wanted to shout out, "Happy Birthday Aunt Carm!," but that's pretty hard to say, so she decided to write it instead. ;) We hope you have a wonderful day!

Working on the sign,

Standing on the sign,

And finally, dancing on the sign.

A short, behind-the-scenes footage of what it's like to work with miniature, celeb divas:


  1. I am smiling, laughing and so tickled right now (and about to watch it for the 5th time)!!!! That's the best happy birthday wish I ever gotten! Thank you Cadence- your dancing is so good!

    Thanks Coco & Tom- it's such a blessing to have friends like you in my life, and my niece Cadence. Miss you tons and thinking of you often. Can't wait till the next time we can hang out!

    XOXO to all of you

  2. Oh my god. Probably the cutest series of photos I have ever seen. AND definitely the cutest video I have ever seen....
    So sweet....

    All the little ones love Carm... Lucky.................

    LOVE IT!