Sunday, April 22, 2007

African Herbsman

Probably one of my favorite Marley tracks off of his African Herbsman Lp. The album overall definitely has a rootsier, rocksteady feel. This Lp gets more plays than any other Marley record in the collection.

A short description from Wikipedia: "African Herbsman is a compilation of The Wailers songs, released by Trojan Records in 1973, shortly after their major-label debut album Catch a Fire had been released by Island Records. This album is a collection of some of the songs that The Wailers recorded in Jamaica together with producer Lee Perry from 1970 to 1971, before they received international recognition. Included are also two of the group's self-productions, "Trenchtown Rock" and "Lively Up Yourself", that both had been big hits in Jamaica. Several of the songs included here would later be re-recorded by Marley for his later albums. Examples are "Lively Up Yourself" (on Natty Dread) and "Sun Is Shining" (on Kaya)."

Bob Marley - "African Herbsman" off of the African Herbsman Lp:
DivShare File - 01_African_Herbsman.mp3


  1. I agree, Marley's best work + Lee "Scratch" Perry production = a great listen

  2. you got this on CD? anyone?

    i only have it on vinyl and don't feel like ripping it?