Friday, April 13, 2007


Ever feel like you're on an old wood boat
freshly painted white, but still old.
It has a small hole in it
and is taking on a little water.
Enough to worry about
but not enough that you can't manage it.
You only have 1 oar
and a sail that would get you somewhere with a little wind.
Do you tear the sail to fill the hole,
stopping the leak,
but stranding you with only 1 oar, not getting anywhere?
Or do you put the sail up, hope for a breeze,
enjoy the sunshine as you get closer to the shore,
and manage the leak, 1 bucket at a time?


  1. DEEP

    but yes I do feel old like a ship with a leak and no sail on most days

  2. Dang I thought she copied that. Props Corrina you have skills

  3. thanks Nick. At least maybe we are in the same boat together.

  4. if you write a few more of these, we might see you on Oprah someday. move over Toni Morrison make room for Corrina Page!

  5. very impressive indeed! just so you know corrina, I didnt think it was copied. its so clever that I couldnt help but smile reading it the first time.