Monday, April 30, 2007

Trees Fall

On the Sunday after the conference, Coco and I drove home through a continuous downpour. In fact, a full day of rain completely saturated the southeast. The following day, we had 50-60 mph winds. With the ground soaked and soft, trees all over NC came crashing down.

This one fell on lines at the top of our street. Knocked our power out for 2 days. Because only about 10 or so houses were affected, we had to wait a bit.

Our front yard... This isn't the best pic, but the the tree on the left had started to fall, but was caught by the tree next to it.

A few days later. Turns out the tree was mostly dead. Came within about 7 feet from the house. Definitely could have been worse. There is a huge tree that looms over the house that luckily didn't fall. I didn't take a picture, but the roots are pulling up from the other side. From the dirt, you could see that it was rocking with all the wind. It would take out the porch, kitchen, and dining room. Scary. We've got a tree service coming out to take her down. It's a decent amount of cash, but well worth it. Currently, I can't sleep when it's windy.

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