Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Records from Jersey Brought Down in a Van

Coco's family has arrived. They have fled the garden state for the land of sweet tea and fried okra. We welcome them to North Carolina. A few weeks ago while in NJ, Corrina's dad drove by a box of records sitting at the end of a driveway. Kindly thinking of me and my Lp obsession, he turned around and pulled over to pick'em up. As he was doing so, a gentleman came out of the house. As you'd expect, Don struck up a conversation and found out that he had a bunch more records that were free for the taking. I guess the guy had recently bought the house, and the records had been left there. Anyway, Don ended up getting about 12 crates full of vinyl. Wow. He brought nine down in the van, and the rest are coming in the moving truck. I've only looked through 2 boxes, but it's a definitely a random assortment, stretching genres and decades. A couple of nice ones have been pulled. I'll report back when I'm finished. Thanks Don!

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