Monday, April 30, 2007

Redline MX-II

A craigslist find. Picked-up this 79-81 (not sure yet) Redline for 25 bones. This came out within a year or two of Powell's famous Blue and Red Powerlite. In fact they share a lot of the same parts. The guy I bought it from was the original owner. As he stated, "This bike was the sh*t back in the day. At the time I could only afford the frame and fork, so I bought that first, and built it up as I could afford parts." Said he got a bunch of emails about the bike, but I had got to him first.

She needs some cleaning and tuning, so I'm going to take this over to the weekly bike co-op. I'll see if I can get some components that compliment the bike's era without resorting to eBay. I was thinking it would be a fix-up and sale, but maybe it would be a nice vintage ride for the kid. We'll see...

Gold anodized, high-flange ACS hubs.

The 3-piece Shimano 600 cranks match nicely.


  1. What camera did you use to snap these? Great lighting or something.

    Possibly the coolest Bike I have ever seen. You best keep dis ride.

    Here is that book I was telling you about...

  2. Thanks! I just used my Canon Point & Shoot Digi. I've been "getting creative" and messing with the white balance (evident on the top pic). I didn't use a flash for the two profile pics. I put the camera on a box, set the timer to avoid vibration when pressing the button, and kept the shutter open as long as it would allow. I'm tempted to keep it, but we'll see how the build goes.

    That book looks solid. Got good reviews. It came out in '99. Does it seem dated (content or graphic wise)?

  3. Nice work with the Photo's... gotta love the self timer.

    The book has great content. There is another newer volume as well. Its better! Get that one first. "LoDown Graphic Engineering Part2"

  4. Sweet ride. That one is definately a keeper.