Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hey! Throw So. Cal a Bone!

Corrina and I moved from Hermosa Beach in November of 2005. Like anywhere, there are aspects we miss, and others we don't. We lived there for 5 years and we left behind some great friends. Even though this page has only been up for a couple weeks, and only a handful of folks check it, I've gotten some flack for "neglecting" the California contingent, and from more than one person, too. One guy simply wanted his picture up. Sound like a Californian? Yes.

Anyway, It'd be impossible to do any justice to our friends by trying to express our experiences in words. I figured photos would work best. Most of these were from the last summer because I was a little late on the digi cam train. Don't worry Scott. Your mug is in a couple pics. Looking forward to seeing y'all soon.


  1. Tom and Corrina-

    Love the Blog. Looks like you guy's are enjoying the Tarheel State and all of its culture. Can't wait to see you guys in May. Tom.... keep posting solid tunes, you are my source for obscure music.

  2. thanks pages for the bone. can't wait for your return to cali. gonna be like ol' times!