Saturday, March 10, 2007

Page One - 03/10/07

Introductions will be gotten to later. Today is about enjoying today. Two years ago on this date, my closest friend passed away. There is no doubt that he lived his life. Instead of sitting around missing him, my wife and I got out, soaked up the shining sun, and appreciated what a beautiful world we live in. It was good to talk with friends across the country that were doing the same thing. We all miss Powell, but we didn't miss out on a beautiful day.

Listening to the Sprout Soundtrack a bit after breakfast. Coco did it right this morning with her breakfast burritos.

Heading out. The cherry tree just started blooming. Duane, I need your DigiSLR.

71 degrees and sunny. We decided to take a ride on the American Tobacco Trail. Started in downtown Durham and rode for about 7 miles. Coco is almost 19 weeks along. We took it easy and had a real nice ride. Raleigh dog made the trip too.

Heading back into downtown. Mellower than Powell for sure, but great nonetheless. Thanks for the day.

first time... i'll get the layout down.


  1. Nice work T&C..! Made love for the blogger in you's guys over there, over here. Stay up on this!

  2. I think I am going to start a blog. It could be interesting.

  3. Nick said...
    I think I am going to start a blog. It could be interesting.


    It would be awesome.