Saturday, March 17, 2007

Lennie Hibbert - Creation Lp - Studio 1 (1969)

As the weather turns warmer, reggae consumes a higher percentage of my listening time. "Creation" is a mellow instrumental Lp by vibraphonist Lennie Hibbert. This album has been getting lots of play over the last week or so. Nice Sunday morning music for sure. Also makes a fantastic soundtrack to clean-up the house, paint a table, or to simply lounge on the couch.

DivShare File - 07_-_lennie_hibbert_-_village_soul.mp3

"Leonard Aloysius Hibbert, popularly known as "Lennie", popularized the Vibes in Jamaica. He was born in Mavis Bank, Jamaica on November 12, 1928. His interest in music started at the early age of 2 when he devised a little drum from an empty pan. Later at the age of six the local Salvation Army allowed him to play on their drums. At the age of eight years he went to Alpha Boy's School and after some time joined the school band where he was placed on his 'old love', the drums. After leaving school in 1944 he played in several small orchestras and finally joined the Military Band in 1946. It was during his time in the Military Band that he taught himself the Vibes. He returned to Alpha and was Band Master there in the late fifties, where Floyd Lloyd and Vin Gordon were among his students. In 1976 he was awarded the Order of Distinction (O.D.) for his contribution to music on the island and for his work among the youth. He was tirelessly helpful to young people, getting them involved in music, dance, acting, and organized sport. Lennie Hibbert died in the early eighties."

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