Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Some good friends visited us for Coco's birthday

A few weeks ago, Carm & Duane made the trip to NC from Phoenix. Carm took some pics and sent them to me today. These were my favorites. Thanks Carmele!

Dude, you're scaring my dog.

C Squared

The house probably looked the same in 1955.

My favorite store in downtown Durham. This should be a textbook example when teaching irony to kids. They even went as far to spell it "all"most. When we first moved to Durham, we subletted a loft just a few doors down from this bustling retail establishment. I always wanted to take a picture, fearful that it would be fully cleared out (minus one wedding dress and a chair), and would go undocumented. Thankfully, Carm lent me her camera to snap a pic. Sadly, it was late, and we were unable to do any shopping.

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  1. Rad pictures. It looks awesome in old NC. Where are the stucco buildings,cacti, monster trucks, and tattoos?